Mojca Andolšek

FerroECOBlast – We do more!

We live in a world ruled by modern technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, digitalization and controlled processes that are continually developed at the speed of light.

Does the border between man and technology still exist?

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Aleš Škraba

Sleeping beauty

It’s a chilly Sunday morning,… The Sun is slowly rising and is timidly appearing from behind the neighboring buildings. I’m sitting on the balcony drinking my morning coffee. I’m thinking.

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Alena Bajrami Šemsidini

The laboratory: My secret world

Quality Assurance is a broad term, we understand it as the continuous and consistent improvement and maintenance of processes. As per the official definition, QA focuses more on the organizational aspects of quality management, monitoring the consistency of the production process.

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Benjamin Hlebec

Enameling: Why and when?

Vitreous Enamelling is one of the best and longer lasting protections against corrosion. It is widely used for the coating of cooking pots, electric water heaters and a range of different products. With enamel being fragile and shock-sensitive, the entire enamelling process must be performed correctly and in a controlled manner. Perfect and uniform surface treatment prior to enamelling plays a crucial role.

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