Prof. Dr. Ingrid Milošev

Cleaning metal surfaces with dry ice as an alternative to chemical cleaning

An important research into an alternative, environmentally non-invasive surface cleaning process for various metals was conducted as a collaborative effort between the Jožef Stefan Institute, Dolenjske Toplice-based company FerroČrtalič, whose development has been focusing on ecological technological solutions in the field of surface treatment technology for as many as 57 years, and the Joanneum Research Institute from Austria. The aim of the research was to determine the effects of the environmentally friendly dry ice cleaning process on the surface of aluminium alloys and the resulting impact on the adhesion quality of protective coatings.

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Mirko Kirn

A day at work: Mirko Kirn

Hello dear readers!
First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Mirko Kirn and I’m FerroECOBlast® Europe’s production and assembly manager. I was born in a musical-viticultural family, yet I ended up with a degree in mechanical engineering.

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Matevž Barbič

Our latest blast room: an overview

We recently completed a new blast room for a Slovenian company specialized in the manufacture of railroad cars and other large, complex steel assemblies.
The blast room, whose dimensions are 17m × 7m × 7m, is intended for manual blasting of large welded structures (train cars), with a partial degree of operational automation with special emphasis on ecologically clean and safe work.

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Alena Bajrami Šemsidini

Living and breathing quality at FerroECOBlast

As a quality manager, I live and breathe quality. Not only at work, I also have a plan I attempt to follow in my private life. Well, my kids sometimes try to shake up my rules, but I usually manage to stare at the system and try my best not to bypass it!

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